From the Women of the Wall to the Sheikh of the Mount


The Western Wall of the Temple Mount s approximately 488 meters (1,600 feet) long.
And there are two other exposed above-ground sections along the length of the Western Wall: the Southern Section of the Western Wall, and the Small Western Wall in the Muslim Quarter.
The relevance of this is?
The relevance is that have learned that the Women of the Wall, in rejecting a proposal to pray at that Southern extension, are seen to be rejecting the status of that Section as part of the Western Wall.  They demand to have their monthly prayer quorums at the Western Wall Plaza solely.
    The chairperson of Women of the Wall, Anat Hoffman, is admantly opposed to an initiative by Religions Minister Naftali Bennett, to open a separate area next to the Kotel for non-Orthodox prayer, and to limit her group''s prayers to that area. She was quick to denounce the offer almost as soon as Bennett announced it...The “new” prayer area is outside the Kotel plaza but still adjacent to the wall. It has been approved as a prayer area alone, and cannot be used for wedding or circumcision ceremonies...Speaking on IDF Radio, Hoffman said: “We must not let thugs decide our policy. I am willing to talk with Minister Bennett right this minute and give him some excellent suggestions that will not hurt anyone''s feelings.”  "I respect other people''s emotions very much, but I will not be relegated to an alternative offer that is located lower, and there is importance to this,” she said.
I know that women are very good at fashion and culinary arts.  So I am sure that to distinguish between ''that'' wall and ''that'' wall is is a purposeful decision that demands the entire Wall''s sanctity and importance.  
It''s one wall.  The area they have been provided is amazing as it is close to at least one Second Temple mikveh, remnants of stores where sacrificial animals were purchased and where there is an inscription on one of the stones left by a Jew who arrived there years after the destruction but expressed the hope, no, the belief, that all would be righted.
It is holy.  It is sacred.  They can pray there and commune with God.  After all, they are not displaying themselves to people, or are they?  Is that their purpose, to be seen by others?


And we move upwards, to the Temple Mount.

The Islamists are revving up the hype, again:
    Sheikh Raed Salah...leader of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel...called this weekend for Israeli Arabs to block Jewish access to the Temple Mount with their bodies.  Salah warned his listeners that Israel is planning to “break in” to the Temple Mount, on which the Al Aqsa mosque now stands...Salah called on Muslims from across Israel – from the Negev and Galilee, Akko and Haifa – to come prevent the “dangerous mass invasion into Al Aqsa” with their bodies.
This dangerous but not because Salah is a danger that cannot be contained or curtailed or even jailed.
It is dangerous because the police are relatively subservient to Islamist threats and provocations.  If they want to, they can deal with violence or the ''promise'' of such.  The operative word, though, is "if".
Will Jews be able to exercise their freedom of access to their holy site?
Will the days they lost, unfairly, during Ramadan, be made up during the High Holiday season?
Will Bennett as Minsiter be as forthcoming to Temple Mount activists as he was today to the Women of the Wall, despite their rejection?
Will he be firm with Salah and insist he be prevented for inciting and provoking?
Two different religions, one site and how many government polciies?
I have been informed that the Jerusalem Chapter of Emunah women davened at the Small Wall ("HaKotel Hakatan") for years on Rosh Chodesh because they wanted to encourage people to realize the holiness of the entire Wall. In addition to all their education and welfare projects and with not obsseive desire for publicity, just davening