Now be educated by the NYTimes


When I was ( along time ago) in 5th grade at PS 135 in Queens, NY, the Herald Tribune, of I recall, had a special school weekly edition of the paper which would go over the stories and pose questions for discussion.  Seems that The New York Times still does that.  At it''s web site. Michael Gonchar, at  the paper''s "The Learning Network" section, wrote up a unit on 6 Q’s About the News under the title Tension Mounts After Apparent Revenge Killing in Jerusalem.


Based on the news story of the same name by Isabel Kershner and Jodi Rudoren which dealt with the outbreak of violence which broke out after three Israeli teenagers and one Palestinian youth were abducted and killed, it seeks to engage those reading it with a learning format based on questions (there are actually more the six).


His questions follwo with my comments:

WHAT was found in a Jerusalem forest early Wednesday?
a) not what but who was found.  People should not be dehumanized, whoever they are.
WHAT motive are the police investigating for the killing?
b) not motive, in the singular, but motives in the plural.  remember you are educationg, not brainwashing.  Is it proper police procedure --- and these kids watch police dramas on TV --- to have but one motive or investigative direction?
HOW did President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority respond to the killing?
c) to which killing?
HOW did Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel respond?
d)  see C above.
WHAT is the so-called Price Tag movement?
e)  what has the ''price-tag movement'' have to do with anything in this?  There have been no ''price tag'' activities.  but if referring to daubings, maybe inform the pupils that Arabs have been drawing swastikas in Jerusalem
WHAT happened before Pope Francis’ visit in May to the Holy Land?
f)  how far back prior to his visit?
Moreover, if you are going to mention the Arab youth''s name, do so for the Israeli boys.  And, after all, one was American.  And why not mention the teen-age girl, Umayma Muhammad Abdul-Rahim Jaradat, 15, who was stabbed in the neck and chest in Sair on Tuesday and died?  was she not mentioned Because she was killed by a fellow Arab and only Jews-kill-Arab is a good story?
Is this the format of the ''here-is-the-truth-from-on- high'' educational indoctrination?