President Obama's Purim shpiel


As the Purim holiday winds down here in Israel, and in Shiloh it is a two-day, four-time Megilla reading affair, we learn (thanks to RJB) of this being uttered at the White House by President Barack (There-Went-Crimea) Obama


"I also want to point out that the Palestinian Authority has continued to try to build strong institutions in preparation for a day in which the Palestinians have their own state, and I will continue to emphasize the importance of rule of law, transparency, and effective reform so that not only do the Palestinians ultimately have a state on paper, but, more importantly, they have one that actually delivers on behalf of their people."
That is downright laughable, even if he does say they "try".  It is ridiculous for the President to state that non-reality, even if to cuddle Abbas.
But, more serious is this paper''s observation that
Obama made no mention of Israel''s Jewish character in his remarks with the Palestinian premiere [sic]...


In doing that, Obama is backtracking, a dangerous move when one is engaged in diplomacy.  Quite dangerous for Israel.


Obama, in regards Israel, has been the most backwards US President ever.  His turning back on Jerusalem at that AIPAC Conference and his never-going forward on Iran indicate that the Purim message is still with us: doing to what those who hate us what they would wish done to us (Esther 9:5).


Just after posting this, I saw this.  You should read it, too.