Secretary Kerry disproves 'Dual Loyalty' carnard


The charge that is hurled at American Jews, of a ''dual loyalty'', that causes them to be suspected of less than enough patriotism for their country, seems not have bothered Secretary of State John Kerry.  After the late June meeting, he has renewed his call for American Jews to get involved in diplomatic pressure on Israel.


    US Secretary of State John Kerry met with leaders of the American Jewish committee privately on Thursday night at the White House, making a case for support on his push for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.
    The meeting lasted 90 minutes and was dominated by Kerry, who gave a prepared speech to the group. The secretary''s remarks were followed by a brief statement from National Security Advisor Susan Rice and twelve questions from the small crowd...He also expressed irritation with continued settlement building in the West Bank. The State Department today acknowledged that Washington had "made its concerns known" to the Israeli government.
    Kerry also warned the group of "negative consequences" for Israel if the parties fail to succeed in clinching peace...Asked about whether the Palestinians would ever be prepared to accept Israel as the Jewish state, Kerry declined to comment on details in the negotiating process.
    "[Kerry] spoke about there being no alternative," one attendee said, noting that the word "Jerusalem" did not come up in the meeting.
"No alternative"?  Rather rash and illogical that.  And another report stressed:
    Kerry tells US Jewish leaders he fears for Israel’s future if no peace deal 
    At White House meet, secretary highlights Israel’s growing diplomatic isolation, demographic challenges; Jewish leaders call for Abbas to moderate tone in upcoming UN speech
 Of course, the United States could be much more helpful on that concern.
And there was this:
    He repeated his appeal to American Jews to endorse and support the peace process, first made in early June when he addressed the American Jewish Committee.
While not being privy to the full give-and-take, I would like to suggest that the response from our Jewish leaders should have been, among other possibilities, as well as what was noted cis a cis Abbas, etc., these declarations:
(a) we fear for the US if Iran goes nuclear;
(b) we fear for the US if Islamism continues to go unchecked;
(c) we fear for the US if it weakens Israel;
(d) we fear for the US if it continues to pander to terror groups and crazy states.