Temple Mount terror


The background is simple.


Some two dozen or so  Jewish children ascended with their fathers to the Temple Mount.


Children, not even teenagers.




They were surrounded by adult Muslim men and women who chanted, screamed, yelled, pushed, threatened and otherwise acted with verbal and even some physical violence.  And surely psychological violence.


Here is the clip: 



You can here the leader calling out to the children "do not be afraid".


And you can see the police were useless,  They allowed the Muslims to approach the children close up.  They didn''t protect them by forming a cordon or even use some of the protective equipment they possessed.


The Muslims revealed evil and no remorse.


The police - worse.  They had the ability and did nothing.


In the middle of Jerusalem.


For shame.





a) I have now been informed that the peyot of at least one boy were pulled.  The Muslims also spit and threw shoes.


b) Channel 2 TV news was given the clip, promised exclusivity but then did not air it and by not informing so earlier prevented it from being shown at a top spot at the other two channels.