The irrationality of it


Can you find room for Israel here:




Isn''t it amazing?


There are still too many people out there who believe sincernely (and many who do not, but they''ll probably comment below) that a compromise with the Arabs-who-refer-to-themselves-as-"Palestinians" is possible, attainable and sustainable.


The lady who termed Jesus a "Palestinian" - he was born in "my country" she said (but he was born in Bethlelem in Judea, Judea from Judah like in Jew and there are other references to a name other than "Palestine") - is now after NBC with threats.  She doesn''t like a new drama series for American network NBC [which will be filmed] in the City of David that is "established at the entrance of Silwan south of Al-Aqsa Mosque".


As I  once pointed out, the last laugh is on her and friends as the plot is drawn from a real incident in which an Arab archaeologist is suspected of murdering his academic mentor.  And he, guilty or not, is now the PA''s Minister of ... Archaeology (sometimes you bury things and other times, you dig them up).


Logic and rationality are qualities endangered when you engage in discussions with Arabs-who-refer-to-themselves-as-"Palestinians".  For example, the Temple Mount is a flashpoint.  A fire was once set there.  You''d think Muslims would wish the best security possible, including cameras.


But no, that is protested.


Israell is accused of syphoning off water



but the Arabs are digging illegal wells and contaminating resources.


Their behavior spills over to their supporters in odd ways.  Einat Wilf, a leftist, is banned now from the Peace Now grand left together.  And Swarthmore Hillel has become "open" to anti-Zionists - causing them to be warned.


The "conflict", played out this way, is irrational and those seeking to champion the Arab narrative have lost their morings - the factual and moral morings.