The price the Left wishes we pay


Found on Facebook:
“Amos Oz, head of Israel''s Literary Left, and the fella who dedicated one of his books to terrorist mass murderer Marwan Barghouti, just issued a clarification. He wants everyone to understand that he called the Price Tag teenage graffiti vandals "Neo-Nazis" and not Nazis, he says. So I would also like to issue a clarification. Amos Oz is a Neo-Moron, not a Moron.”
Things are getting a bit out of hand.
“Author and Israel Prize laureate Amos Oz came out strongly against perpetrators of “price tag” attacks this week, saying “‘Price tag’ and ‘Hilltop youth’ are cute nicknames for a monster that needs to be called what it is: Hebrew neo-Nazi groups.”  Oz went on to say that the only difference between neo-Nazis around the world and those who commit hate crimes in Israel is that “our neo-Nazi groups enjoy the support of numerous nationalist or even racist legislators, as well as rabbis who give them what is in my view pseudo- religious justification.”
That is the only difference?
I can think of another: Jews do not attack non-Jews in any European, American, South American or Asian countries that would give neo-Nazis an excuse for their violence.  Indeed, neo-Nazi or anti-Semitic attacks are not based on anything Jews do but are perceived to be doing..But, here in Israel, Arabs are no that pacific and even if unjustified, no one can ignore the reality of Arab terror.
Another matter is the double standard.
Consider that most of the graffiti in Israel is probably the work of a section of Bratslav Chassidim called the Na-Nach-Nachmanites;
How many of them have been arrested or even simply charged with defacing public/private property?
Ah, but, you might say, this is a hate crime, not any mischievous or malicious act.  And it churns up discord 9about it being ''racism'', I''m unsure since the Arabs always claim they cannot be anti-Semitic because they the,selves are Semites so why cannot that work the other way?).  In fact, there’s a law on the books on the subject of causing discontent:
Article One: Sedition 
…136. For purposes of this Article, "sedition" is one of the following:...
… (3) the creation of discontent or resentment among Israel residents;
There is another law there, too:
Incitement to disobedience 
110. If a person incited or induced a person who serves in an armed force to disobey a lawful order, then he is liable to one year imprisonment; if thereby he intended to injure national security, then he is liable to five years imprisonment; if the offense was committed when armed hostilities are in progress by or against Israel, then he is liable to seven years imprisonment.  
I happen to know a few people, almost all of the left-of-the-political-center, who promote disobedience.
Another aspect is the obvious frustration quotient in play.  The more Tzipi Livni fails in her peace negotiations charade, the more she harps on “price taggers” as terrorists.  The real terrorists, however, she talks with.
Is there something dysfunctional in Israel’s Left?
And who is terrorizing whom?  Could it be that the power of the State Prosecutor''s Office is being manipulated by the Minister and allies in the media?
Is the price the Left wants us to pay is to surrenderiour civil rights solely to a progressive interpretation of the law?
Note: Nothing in this blog post should and can be construed to be understood to be written in support of any criminal activity committed by Jews, or Arabs, leftists or rightists.