UNESCO undermines


I had previously noted the negative aspects of UNESCO invovlement in Jerusalem.


And as this paper noted  two weeks ago:
Israel has in return agreed to allow UNESCO experts to survey a number of sites in Jerusalem. Israel has also agreed to take part in UNESCO meetings about the Mugrabi Bridge, which runs from the Western Wall plaza to the Temple Mount and which has been a source of conflict between Israel and the Waqf Muslim religious trust.  
Emek Shaveh provides us with left-of-center anti-Zionist insight:
    ...a delegation from UNESCO is to arrive in Jerusalem in the mid-May...experts [are] to visit the city to investigate the implementation of the program Action Plan for Safeguarding the Cultural Heritage of the Old City of Jerusalem. Launched in 2003, this program includes the conservation of selected ancient sites...[this is acceptance of] international involvement to protect and conserve Jerusalem’s antiquities.
    In Emek HaShaveh’s publication Between Holiness and Propaganda, we published our conclusions about the need for international intervention to protect the city''s heritage and to prevent settler NGOs from conducting archaeological excavations and, in general, involving themselves with the city’s antiquities as if they belonged to them...these projects are counter to the conservation of the city''s heritage, undermine the life of the local residents, and altogether constitute political activities being orchestrated by the Israeli government and settler NGOs to unilaterally create an Old City for which there is no consensus.
Is UNESCO really committed to Jerusalem?
Can Israel trust it?
Or is Israel being undermined?
Is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu doing the correct thing