US State Department can't take the heat

The Peace Process (Round 351) is stalling because of the Arabs.  Saeb Erekat''s "Natufian horror show" was an indication that Secretary of State John Kerry must know the PA reps are border-line crazy.  So, what''s to be done?
Blame Israel.
How?  Intimidate Israel.  And how to do that?
Well, Susan Rice seems to be attacking a constitutional right of freedom of speech.
She tweeted:
“Personal attacks in Israel directed at Sec Kerry totally unfounded and unacceptable.” 
State''s spokesperson Psaki previously declared that if accurate, Ya’alon’s remarks are 
“offensive and inappropriate, especially given all that the U.S. is doing to support Israel’s security needs.”
And now, a State Department spoksperson also declares satirical rhetoric is "unaccpetable":-
"I think it goes in with what I’ve already stated about attempts to mischaracterize [Kerry''s] record, his position, his positions on issues, his statements, how that is not an attack on him; that’s an attack on the process. And of course that kind of rhetoric we find unacceptable," State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Wednesdays during a press briefing.
She also tweeted:
Jen Psaki ‏@statedeptspox  Feb 2
#SecKerry has always expected opposition & difficult moments in process & expects all parties to accurately portray his record & statements.
The full transcript of that press conference section is hilarious.  Here are some excerpts:-
QUESTION:  …I just saw something about a group of very Orthodox rabbis saying that the Secretary declared war on God, and using words like, well --
MS. PSAKI: Well, I spoke with the Secretary about this particular issue – not your exact question, but this morning – and where he stands at this point is he’s not going to spend a lot of time worrying about words people are using against him. His greatest concern about this is the impact they have or they could have on the process, that the words aren’t an attack on him, they’re actually an attack on the peace process itself...
...QUESTION: Right, but considering – if, in fact, he does believe – and I’m sure he probably does – that these are not really – these are attacks more against the peace process --and he is the messenger of the… of that peace process, are you satisfied with the attempts that have been made, apparently been made, by the prime minister and the justice minister, to rein – and the president of Israel also to try to rein in this – I don’t even know what you call it --
MS. PSAKI: Sure.
QUESTION: -- rein in this clearly inflammatory rhetoric?
MS. PSAKI: Well, we’ll see what happens over the coming days and weeks, Matt. 
QUESTION: -- but are you – do you think that – are you seeing the rhetoric being toned down now or not?
MS. PSAKI: Obviously, the comments this weekend were more heated than the comments over the last couple of days, but there continue to be concerning comments made.
…QUESTION: Did the Secretary watch… you said that the Secretary believes that these aren’t an attack necessarily on him but attack on the peace process. Does he fear that it could – this invective could damage the peace process and the efforts to bridge the gaps? Could it drive the sides further apart?
…MS. PSAKI: Well, any rhetoric is – any damaging rhetoric or rhetoric that is inaccurate and as critical as this is is never helpful. But I think the larger point here is this process is not about Secretary John Kerry. This process is about what the future for the Israeli and the Palestinian people and the prospects of peace and security and prosperity. And that’s what he thinks people need – should be – need to be reminded of, in addition to the fact that these kind of attacks are unacceptable, and they not only distort his record but they distract from the real issues at hand.
I recall that as children, we used to chant "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never harm me" but Secretary Kerry makes that "bullets":-
"I''ve been, quote, ''attacked'' before by people using real bullets, not words. And I am not going to be intimidated," Kerry told CNN according to a transcript released by the broadcaster.
Mr. Secretary, you are feeling intimidated?
If so, imagine what we''re feeling.