First Fruits

By Yisrael Rosenberg
Policy initiatives usually take time to bear fruit. But here in Israel – Barack Obama and John Kerry have the privilege of seeing immediate results from their plans for Israel and her future.
On Wednesday morning, November 13, 2013, 19-year-old Private Eden Atias, in the army for a total of two weeks, was murdered on a bus travelling from his hometown of Nazareth to his base near Hadera. The heroic Muslim Arab terrorist sitting in the seat next to him slit the young soldier’s throat while he slept, as the bus was making a stop in the town of Afula. These are the first fruits of the Obama/Kerry doctrine for Israel.
The Israeli press, trying desperately to avoid the realization that a large minority population living in our land near universally despises Israel’s Jews, is reporting that the terrorist’s motive was revenge for the incarceration of his relatives. Nice excuse. The true cause is that the killer, along with an entire generation of Arabs in the Land of Israel, lives up to his eyeballs in a culture infected by a gutter political leadership that incites against Israelis without cease, pumping out a steady stream of violence and hatred for the Israeli nation.
[Image courtesy of the “In Memory of Eden Atias, may his memory be for a blessing” Facebook page.]
The young murderer knows one thing: he can rest secure, because he will spend the rest of his days – which, in the Israeli justice system, means at least a few years – pampered with television, good falafel, cigarettes, family visits and high-speed Internet access – in a four-star hotel that doubles as an Israeli “high-security” jail. And he can bank on the fact that the day is not far off when he will be freed in another ‘gesture’, and can take his fast-earned place in the pantheon of the national heroes in Ramallah.
United States Secretary of State John Kerry, following the clear policy directives of his boss, US President Barak Obama, has made Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, elected leader of Israel and chief policy-maker for the Jewish State, ‘an offer he can’t refuse.’ Mr. Obama has instructed Mr. Kerry to tell Israel to free 104 prisoners, most of them Arabs jailed for murdering unarmed Israeli Jews. This is meant to be a confidence-building measure to show that Israel is serious and will bargain its land away in good faith.
After all, Mr. Netanyahu promised in his speech at Bar-Ilan University some years ago, in response to the relentless pressure of our American patrons, that he would work toward the creation of a new state in the region. This plan is championed as a key policy objective of the Obama Administration. The idea is that once Israel gives up its claim on the land in question, the United Nations can pronounce the appropriate blessings and – presto: yet another totalitarian, fanatical-Islamist, terrorist state will emerge into international legitimacy.
Israel’s contribution to this process, encouraged for nearly 70 years by every American administration, is to relinquish those historic, ancestral lands that we won in a series of wars of annihilation forced upon us by our neighbors. Of course, were we to be so foolish and self-hating as to abandon our lands to the Arabs, we can kiss them goodbye forever. Those slated to take over upon our proposed evacuation have made it perfectly clear that they will permit not a single accursed Jew to live in their state.
Israel conquered and brought under Israeli jurisdiction Judea and Samaria (as these territories have been called since the days of the Bible) almost against our will in the war of survival we were forced to fight in 1967. These lands are the true core of the Land of Israel, the very territory promised to our ancestors Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendants as an eternal inheritance. (I’m not making this up: this is what the Bible AND the Holy Qur’an say, over and over again, to those who care to see the message.)
Back to the freeing of prisoners. Israel has been a good and obedient vassal, and has so far freed half of the 104 criminals, 26 just a few weeks ago.
What message does Mr. Obama wish us to send by our surrendering to this madness? What possible gain, in the volatile Middle East, does he seek for us?
Regardless of Mr. Obama’s motives, the real message comes through loud and clear: Israel, as a state, society and nation, is soft on the spilling of Jewish blood. Forget about the Holocaust, and the lessons we were supposed to learn. By freeing these prisoners, we are desecrating the memory of all Israelis murdered because they had the bad fortune of being born Jewish into a society that does not value their lives enough to exact justice for their spilt blood.
That is the message Mr. Obama is telling us to convey. And this is the message our leaders have agreed to send out.
What, therefore, must be done? The first thing is that Eden’s murderer must be receive the death penalty so the world can see that the Jewish nation will no longer permit wanton spilling of the blood of its citizens.
As for Mr. Obama and those in his employ – the best thing Israel can do is to ignore him. We do not need him, his policy, or his money. Israel is an independent nation and must act according to our own best interests. To do otherwise, for us or for any other nation, will result eventually in national suicide, God forbid. On the contrary; with the way that Mr. Obama and his administration are forcing American primacy into the mud, they are going to need our help in the end.
Were Israel to behave as if it really respected itself, as if we truly belonged in this Land that God gave us so long ago, and promised that He would one day return us to – then even closet anti-Israelists like Barak Obama and John Kerry would finally get the message. And the Westerner-wannabees in Israel itself who ape the American administration and their distorted values would be free to do something FOR Israel, instead of being against our own interests, for a change. For even the far left, when scratched – are just as Jewish as any of their brethren. Just ask the Americans, the Europeans, and the Arabs.
Let’s make these first fruits the very last. It’s time for Israel to respect itself, its history and the Divine promises that have guided us from Jerusalem to Auschwitz - and back again to Jerusalem.