The 'art' of choosing the WRONG men

So, I can say with more than a MODICUM of self assurance that I, Toby Gotesman Schneier, have elevated the inclination toward choosing the WRONG ''MEN'', to a HEADY and ILLUSTRIOUS ''art form''.
How do we know, in point of fact, upon meeting a potential suitor that he may or may NOT be ''UP TO SNUFF'', with regard to pedigree, level of accomplishment, breeding, love making, etc? How can we be certain that he''s not an ABUSER, or an INFIDEL or just a plain old PIG? Are our instincts honed enough to separate the ''good ones'' from the ''not-so-good'' ones?
A very, very complicated and multi facetted topic, to be sure.
So let''s examine that which we perceive ourselves to be LOOKING FOR in a mate. Let me start off by saying here that we ALL APPEAR to be searching for the SAME kinds of attributes, although our INTERPRETATIONS of said attributes may differ somewhat. My list is below:
1) Looks: There are those of us who are SO wrapped up in ''outward appearance'', that we may lose sight of the MORE IMPORTANT CHARACTERISTICS of a man. (CLEARLY, this is NOT ME!)
2) Money: Is it of critical importance that the man have MONEY? How much money is ENOUGH? I believe that the jury is still out on this issue.
3) Prowess in bed: CRITICALLY IMPORTANT! NONNEGOTIABLE! (Haha!....Ya think I CARE about sex at all?)
4) Tzaddik-like qualities: Nice, but unrealistic!
5) Respectful to WOMEN: Of PARAMOUNT significance!
6) Politically ''conservative''..(you better believe it!)
7) JEWISH: Uhhh....YEAH!
The list goes on and on, people. I''d like to hear your thoughts on ''choosing a mate''...