Israeli song artist David Broza brings peace to the big screen

On Wednesday afternoon before Sukkot, I met Israeli song artist David Broza at Locanda Verde, Robert De Niro’s restaurant in Tribecca, to talk about his most recent Indiegogo project, East Jerusalem West Jerusalem. At a time when Israelis and Palestinians are divided over the war in Gaza, the film East Jerusalem West Jerusalem was created with Israeli, Palestinian, and American musicians, demonstrating that music can be a bridge builder between people in conflict. The movie is truly inspirational, showing people are people, and how we can break the myth of Israelis and Palestinians not getting along.  

East Jerusalem West Jerusalem was filmed by Henrique Cymerman and Erez Miller in a recording studio in predominantly Palestinian East Jerusalem and, along with Israeli musicians and local Palestinian musicians, under the musical direction of the American Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, Steve Earle.“ For eight days and eight nights we experienced comradery and creativity which we captured on tape. There was no conflict. It was peaceful,” says Broza. The movie East Jerusalem West Jerusalem brings videos relating to the 13 songs from the album to life to spread the word of peace. Other videos shed light onto the moments behind the scenes; for example, in the kitchen while Israeli and Palestinian chefs prepare daily banquets of the highest level of cooking and finest variety of foods; the other musician's interviews which took place while in the studio; more conversations with the kids from the YMCA Jerusalem Youth Choir, and many other moments which expose the special time and unique experience of this project.

Last week, East Jerusalem West Jerusalem was screened at the 15th annual Woodstock Film Festival, followed by a concert with David Broza and musician Steve Earle. The film shows the world the camaraderie and bridge-building that can take place through music, even in a longtime war zone. “Hopefully Israelis will see it and others too so people will do something about it,” says Broza. To raise awareness, Broza is running an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for completion of the documentary film so he can spread the word of peace. A portion of the proceeds will go towards the different organizations that see music as a bridge builder and were involved with the album. They are: Polyphony, The Daniel Pearl Foundation, and the YCMA Jerusalem Youth Choir.

More than a singer/songwriter, Broza is also well known for his commitment and dedication to humanitarian causes, primarily, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. For almost forty years, Broza has been working to bring the message of peace to the masses by joining peace movements, and singing what has become the anthem of the Peace process, his hit song, Yihye Tov (It will be good), written with the poet Yonatan Geffen after the historic peace negotiations with Egypt. His Indiegogo documentary film project is a reflection of his life-long dream as a humanitarian, in showing that music can be a bridge builder between people in Israel and Palestine.

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