When Child Services Run Amok

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 It's time to call a spade a spade, to name names and to finally shine a light on despots who threaten, bully and rip people's lives apart under the full protection of the City of New York. And if someone cannot stomach the truth, and therefore wishes to call me crazy, then so be it; but you cannot discount the numerous professionals who have gone on record to state the exact same thing.
On December 9th, a caring mother, who all independent professionals have praised for her parenting, nurturing and concern as a parent, will yet again be hauled in front of a judge by New York City's Administration for Children's Services. Yet while this organization has been known to engage in false arrests, trying to rip children away from decent parents on a whim and hiring some of the most backward and shady characters as child “protective” workers, the story of this lady and her children is especially disturbing, harrowing and brutal.
The daughter at the center of the story is now a 19 year old honors student in her freshman year of college. She's intelligent, creative and deserves the best in life. Her mother is battling serious cancer, a disease that she believes came about due to the stress of this case, and may the Almighty see fit to cure her.
This student was a regular teenage girl. The problem is that she was a regular teenage girl in a religious school. The school was especially strict and, being that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, before we continue with the atrocities committed by ACS, it must be stated that it is especially crucial today that every effort be made in religious schools to work with each child and to help them grow. This is most basic and fundamental principle of the Judaism that they profess to teach. It is an obligation that has kept the Jewish people going since time immemorial.
Had proper attention been given, this column would not have been written and a struggling mother and her kids would likely have been saved. That said, the school was wrong, but they are not monsters. (The same cannot be said of other rabbis who callously and cruelly recommend ACS in the way that one would recommend an Aspirin. The fact that they have handed over children to vicious bullies, who have anything but the child's best interest in mind or who are so paranoid that no human should be near them, is the most shameful act of rabbinical treachery today. But this was not the case here. In this case, ACS was alone in its brutality.)
The Heart of This Story:
Social/religious issues made staying at the religious school problematic (which, again, should not be the case and every effort must be made for the child – but that is a separate issue). The girl in this case was therefore enrolled in Robert Louis Stevenson School near Central Park. Teachers and the principal were rigorous in enforcement of every code, to the point of hindering learning and causing students to feel browbeaten. But this paled in comparison to the type of harassment that their school psychologist proceeded to engage in.
This supposed professional would repeatedly call the mother with “concerns” about the tightness of the child's clothing (which was not in any way out of the norm), insinuating that perhaps the mother hadn't bought her clothing since she had grown. A bruise on her arm (she bruises easily) noticed by a gym teacher who sees fit to watch the students changing, was another cause for alarm. The mother could not believe that she was being berated by a school psychologist at least twice a month, commencing within two weeks of the child's enrollment, for her near 16 year old adolescent's choice of attire and for anything else imaginable that few parents would have any control over at that age.
This psychologist is not one to take kindly to having her incessant “concerns” brushed off. When the daughter, who had never missed school before no matter what, refused to attend Robert Louis Stevenson, their psychologist didn't simply make a basic report to ACS (a method that is also an institutional failure, as the psychologist should speak with the child first - but would not be unusual), she specifically demanded that ACS “deal harshly with the mother,” a quote that is documented in ACS case notes.
Opinions of Several Independent Doctors:
What kind of mother did ACS target? Dr. Raphael Kellman who has serviced the family in question for years was proud to state on record: ''I can say with confidence that the mother's insight regarding parenting is deep and astute and that way she's brougth up her children is exemplary. She is exceedingly capable as a mother and she has sound judgment regarding the care of her children's needs.”
Dr. Steven Styler, who knows the family for 20 years adds: “Mother has always been responsible and appropriate with the care of her children.''
Dr. Jane Goldberg conducted a professional evaluation. Among her findings: ''It is clear that the mother is exceedingly capable and devoted and has excellent judgment with regard to caring for her children.''
Callous Disregard Followed by Brutality:
The student would not return to Robert Louis Stevenson School. Other schools were proposed by the child and the parent. The school, which was set to receive $44,000 in state and city grants for this child for that school year alone (after demanding a slew of therapies for the child that were not needed according to any independent evaluator, but for which the school is paid lucratively), pressured ACS. Any other imagined concerns stopped being the issue. The school was most adamant in opposing any transfer.
ACS did what ACS does best. They threatened a girl, browbeat her, screamed at her and used numerous methods of shock and intimidation. They sought to remove her from her home. The mother's persistence and the Almighty's protection brought about her transfer to another school within the NY Public School system.
When placed in a regular, non-threatening environment, this girl was in fact an excellent student. Out of thousands of students, she graduated as one of the top 20 students, within the top 0.5%. This level of academic excellence has followed her into college.
Caring Mother 1, ACS 0. But that did not end the attacks.
ACS had interviewed all of the children on 2/21/12 and on several other occassions. The daughter at the center of the case had an additional interview conducted by a forensic social worker. All had great things to say about the mother.
Monthly visits at the new school were intrusive but manageable. The girl began to succeed. And that's when ACS pulled out a Jean Pierre “Watson,” and things became exceptionally brutal.
Who is ACS Worker “Jean Pierre Watson?”:
Before documenting the uncalled for, shameful and despotic brutality that ensued, it's important to document who orchestrated it. The fact that ACS would even hire someone of the nature of Jean Pierre, aka Jean Pierre Watson is a blight on its record on an almost unfathomable scale. Jean Pierre, or whatever he calls himself (which apparently changes by the day), is quite simply one of the last people who you'd ever want in a position of authority over anyone.
In fact, the answer as to who he is may well escape Mr. “Watson” himself. The man's voice mail states “Jean Watson Pierre.” Other papers of his read “Watson Jean Pierre.” Court papers submitted by him are signed, “Jean Pierre Watson.” His real name used to simply be Jean Pierre (as noted in a shocking NY Daily News article about him, detailed below). But with the multiple variations of a fairly simple name, it's safe to say that Sherlock couldn't figure this one out.
But maybe he's just dyslexic? Maybe not...
The New York Daily News had plenty to say about Jean Pierre after his girlfriend, Lashanda Armstrong, killed herself and 3 of their 4 kids, moments after he finished his half hour of banging on their door.
He had previously been arrested for child neglect.
He was the subject of a restraining order that was upheld in court and was clearly filed with cause.
He's identified as (First Name) Jean (Last Name) Pierre. Watson is the last name of the owner of the day care center that had been attended by his kids.
I'm not callous toward his personal tragedy, one that no one should know of. However, in addition to his handling of this case, he happens to be known to be the most brutal, dogmatic and insane ACS case worker according to an attorney who has worked on several other cases involving him.
The fact remains that in Feb. 2011, Jean Pierre was arrested for child neglect and barred from seeing his kids. Most were dead later in the year, after he violated the order and drove their mother to the breaking point. By Sept. 2013 he had taken on a new last name and was harassing children through his job at ACS.
In Nov. 2013, Jean Pierre (Watson) filed an affidavit riddled with misinformation and had the mother and two children arrested at 6 in the morning. They were released, but the mother was forced to enter into a cooperative agreement.
Unbelievable Brutality:
The older daughter was still forced to meet Watson at school. And then, on 3/28/14, the case against the mother, for having tried to protect her daughter's best interests, was rightly closed. Jean Pierre (Watson?) likes being restricted even less than her previous school psychologist liked having been questioned. And he is ruthless.
No allegation was ever made against, or on behalf of, the younger daughter. She was a successful student at a religious school. But Jean Pierre was about to lose his stranglehold on her sister.
So Jean Pierre turned with fury against the younger daughter. On 4/23/14, a motion was filed by Pierre to take this child into custody. His statements had been fabricated and the motion was denied the next day. She was a successful student in a private religious school. She had no complaints against her mother. Only a destructive brute with an ax to grind would see fit to turn her life upside down.
Pierre had failed. He tried again. This time he struck.
On the morning of 5/19/14, less than a month after Pierre's failed attempt on her sister, ACS had police storm the house at 6 in the morning. They arrested the younger daughter, 14, as she was preparing for school. She was forcibly taken into custody and driven around in the back of a police van for hours. She was then brought to the court house, placed in a holding room and was denied food for 6 hours. Pierre appeared before the judge and stated that he had no evidence that she had been neglected. It was clear that this had been a retaliatory ruse aimed at shaking up/traumatizing the family. No consequences were meted out upon Jean Pierre for his obvious and fiendish charade.
The main child in our story aged out (turned 18) soon after. A restraining order barring Pierre (Watson?) and another ACS “worker” from further contact with her was needed and was granted. Even this didn't stop Pierre, aka Watson, from continuing to harass her family.
Jean Pierre Watson, or whatever his name is, continues to exact petty revenge against the mother. The younger daughter has gone out of state and has not contacted the mother since. The mother remains ill, caring and struggling.
Three things need to happen:
Jean Pierre, aka Jean Pierre Watson, needs to be held accountable for gross child endangerment and abuse of authority.
Schools that callously contact ACS need to stop doing so. Private schools and people who do so need to be stopped. Lives are at stake and people need to realize that caring mothers are far more adept at handling their children's problems than the likes of a “Watson Jean Watson Pierre Watson” or than any other kind genius that hangs his coat at ACS.
This mother, her children and all who know them have gone through enough. They need to be helped. Readers need to think of ways to become involved and concrete action needs to be taken by all who can.

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