Gigi Hadad is right. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is based in greed.

Gigi Hadid is growing frustrated at the backlash surrounding her political opinions in regards to the present tensions on the Gaza/Israel boarder. The model took to Instagram via Instagram stories on Tuesday to make a series of allegations against Israel in reference to the peace process - or lack thereof. According to Hadid: the State of Israel is slaughtering Palestinians at historical rates - specifically, the I.D.F is targeting women, children and journalists; 1 million Arabs were forced from their native country of Palestine; and Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine. After facing backlash on Instagram via thousands of comments concerned that Gigi is supporting Hamas-sponsored violence, Gigi took to Twitter to clarify that she isn’t “anti-anyone” but that for her, the Arab conflict with Israel is based on “greed.” In reference to her final speculation, I couldn’t agree more: the conflict is rooted in greed.

At present, there are 22 Arab countries and 50 Muslim-majority states. Hadid, and others aligned with her opinion, demand that in the process of the creation of the State of Israel, an existing state known as Palestine was dismantled. Israel was created in 1948, becoming independent from British rule in the region. Britain acquired the region from the Ottoman Empire in the aftermath of WWI. Within the political framework of the Ottoman Empire, independent states didn’t exist; the area was under the full control of the Ottomans whose citizens were identified not by nationally, but by religion - Islam. Prior to the Ottomans, the land was under the control of the Byzantines (a continuation of the Roman Empire) after the Romans who renamed the country of Judea to Palestine in 70CE. The known independent states to be established in the area we know as Israel include: Judea, The Kingdom of Judah, The Kingdom of Israel, and Biblical Israel (all of these countries were Jewish). These periods in history are backed by historical documentation as well as through modern archeology.
The etymology of both Palestine and Jerusalem are not rooted in the Arabic language. A city with a Hebrew name (Jerusalem) is being touted as an Arab city with historical connection to a fictional country (Palestine) whose name is rooted in Latin, Greek and Hebrew. The etymology speaks for itself. The world knows the infamous city by a Hebrew name, not an Arabic one.
Why then do Arabs demand that Palestine be an independent state with Jerusalem as the capital? Because Jerusalem is considered the third holiest city in the Islamic religion due to the ‘Temple Mount’ - a Jewish site of religious and cultural value. Further, the land was conquered by Islamic conquerors. It is important to note that Islam was established roughly 2,400 years after Judaism - a religion born out of the Israelite people. It is even more important to note that whilst Arabs claim Jerusalem and the land of Israel on the premise of religion, Jews claim Israel on their history in the land as an ethnoreligious group.
In regards to the attempts for a peace process (starting even prior to 1948)  the international community has pushed the notion of a two-state solution to end conflict between Arabs and Jews in the region. In every instance, the Arabs have declined peace on the notion that every centimeter of Israel is Islamic Arab land. In every instance, Israel has agreed to various solutions. There have been dozens of public peace deals and a myriad of private deals attempted. The Arab world, on September 1, 1967 issued the ‘Khartoum Resolution,’ stating in relation to Israel: “no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with it”. Essentially, for the Arab party it appears Israel is an all of nothing deal - they have all of it or violence will continue as a form of holding the international community hostage.
I agree Gigi, the conflict between the Arabs and the Jews is based on greed. Until your people come to table, we will keep our fences. We built our fences to protect our people from the violence perpetuated by a terrorist organization - that is what responsible countries do, they care for their people.