150,000 Israelis visit national parks, reserves over Succot

Approximately 150,000 people visited the country's national parks and nature reserves on Tuesday, the first day of chol hamoed Succot, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority reported. Among the most popular sites were Caesarea, Tel Dan, the Banias, Nahal Snir, Majrase, Gan Hashlosha, Beit She'arim, Hanetifim Cave, Ashkelon, Ein Hemed, Nahal Prat, Einot Tzukim, Ein Gedi, Masada and Almog Nature Reserve.
In addition to normal park activities, visitors enjoyed a wide range of special events at various sites, such as a horse performance at the Caesarea hippodrome, a harmonica and guitar festival at Beit She'arim and a children's festival at Ein Hemed, the INPA said.
In addition to national park and nature reserve visitors, tens of thousands also arrived to Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund sites, the organization said.