18 people dead after gunman bursts into factory in Honduras

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras – Men armed with assault rifles burst into a shoe factory and opened fire Tuesday, killing at least 18 workers and wounding five, Honduran authorities said.
National police spokesman Leonel Sauceda called the attack in the northern city of San Pedro Sula "a massacre."
Authorities initially reported 15 dead, but three of the injured later died of their wounds, said assistant police commissioner Hector Ivan Mejia.
"Apparently the massacre was carried out as part of a turf battle between small-scale drug gangs, given that that neighborhood has conflicts because of the presence of gang members," Mejia said.
Sauceda said at least four men using assault rifles were involved in the attack at the small shoe factory. He said 23 employees were present and all were either killed or wounded.