34-year-old arrested on suspicion of attempting to blackmail McDonald's

34-year-old arrested on

A 34-year-old man from Baka al-Gharbiya who allegedly planned to demand millions of shekels from international fast-food chain McDonalds was arrested on suspicion of attempted blackmail, Tel Aviv police revealed on Saturday evening. The man had allegedly contacted a McDonalds representative over a month ago, telling him that he possessed footage showing worms in the refrigerator of one of the chain's restaurants in Israel. Police said the footage appeared to have been staged and edited. After the suspect contacted McDonalds several times using a pseudonym and varying phone numbers, a meeting was set up between him and representatives of the company. According to police, the meeting - witnessed by detectives and attended by a police officer posing as the deputy financial director of McDonalds in Israel - enabled the suspect's arrest. Police said the suspect linked himself to the incident during the investigation. The Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court is set to extend his remand on Saturday night.