35 people killed in bomb blasts at Pakistan shrine

LAHORE, Pakistan  — Two suicide bombers struck a popular Muslim shrine in Pakistan's second largest city Thursday evening, killing 35 people and wounding 175 others in the second major attack in Lahore in a month.
Security video from the scene showed the blasts scattering terrified worshippers as white plumes of smoke blanketed the area.
The first bomber detonated his explosives in a large underground room where visitors sleep and wash themselves before praying, said Khusro Pervez, the top government official in Lahore. The attack occurred as volunteers handed out food to people visiting the shrine, said Chaudary Mohammed Shafique, a senior police official.
Minutes later, a second bomber detonated his explosives upstairs in a large courtyard in front of the shrine as people tried to flee the first attack, said Pervez.
There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack. But Islamist extremists consider Sufis to be heretics and have often targeted them, as well as Shiites and other minority groups.