4 questioned in Pakistan over NY bomb suspect

US and Pakistani officials are questioning four alleged members of an al-Qaida-linked militant group over possible connections to the failed Times Square bombing suspect, intelligence officials said Thursday.
Authorities from both nations are trying to trace Faisal Shahzad's movements during his recent five-month stay in Pakistan. They are seeking to establish whether he linked up with any of Pakistan's Islamist terror groups and received instructions, funding or training.
A spokesman for the Pakistan Taliban said Thursday it had no links with Shahzad but that "he did a brave job."
The group previously claimed responsibilty for the failed attack in a video released shortly before Shahzad's arrest on Monday, and it was not Immediately clear why it would now deny any role. A faction of the group may have had links with Shahzad, or it might be attempting to avoid a possible military offensive in its stronghold in North Waziristan by distancing itself from the act.