5 lions maul man to death at campsite in Zimbabwe

 Lions attacked and killed a tourist while he was showering at an unfenced campsite in a nature reserve, and such fatal encounters are on the rise because of poaching, a conservationist said Thursday.
Peter Evershed, a 59-year-old Zimbabwean businessman, was mauled by five lions while showering under a tree at the Chitake Springs bush camp, a wildlife viewing area, near the Mana Pools nature reserve, said Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force head Johnny Rodrigues.
Evershed was the last of his group of family and friends to take a shower as darkness fell on Saturday. They heard Evershed scream and raced to the showers but he was already dead from a gash to the throat, Rodrigues said.
The lions retreated only after a safari operator pulled up in a vehicle with its headlights on and fired shots into the air, Rodrigues told Zimbabwe Herald Online.
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