Army Radio: Treasury slams PMO over expenditure

In the latest sign of conflict between the Treasury and the Prime Minister's Office, Finance Ministry Director-General Yoram Ariav sent scathing a letter to the PMO, which was obtained by Army Radio on Thursday. In response to a PMO decision to award employees with a six-percent pay rise, Ariav wrote, "We were astounded to receive such a request at the present time, when were are continuing to struggle with the financial crisis." Ariav wrote that the government was functioning under "conflicting policies" by calling for expenditure cuts and yet not setting "an example." The director-general also noted that the average wage for a PMO worker stands at NIS 14,000 per month, over six percent more than other public departments. In a letter of response, according to Army Radio, the PMO refused to cancel its planned raises, citing employees' "round the clock" hours and daily pressure.