Ashdod man charged with raping his 5-year-old granddaughter

A 60-year-old man from Ashdod was indicted last week on charges of repeatedly raping his five-year-old granddaughter over a prolonged period, police announced on Tuesday.
The young girl's father first became suspicious after he was told by his daughter that she shared a "big secret" with her grandfather which she was forbidden to divulge.
The father encouraged his daughter to share her secret with him, promising not to tell anyone else, and then learned of the abuse, police added.
The girl had also refused to visit her grandfather, further adding to the suspicions. Ashdod police and Social Services were called by the family, and the young girl gave a "shocking testimony."
A youth officer from Social Services concluded that "the girl had undergone severe incidents," adding that the reliability of her testimony was "high."
The suspect was indicted last week on charges of rape, sexual abuse of a related minor, threatening behavior, and disrupting the course of an investigation. He has been ordered to remain in custody until the end of legal proceedings.