Betar chairman: We will persevere in battle against racism

Betar Jerusalem chairman Itzik Kornfein said Saturday evening that the current clash between the soccer club and a group of its fans over the signing of two Muslim players will only serve to make the team persevere more strongly against racism.
The club has struggled for the past two weeks with a violent group of fans who oppose the signing of two Muslim Chechnyan players. During the January 26 game against Bnei Yehuda, fans raised an enormous banner that read “Betar pure forever” and sang anti-Arab chants. Four fans were indicted for alleged racism on Thursday morning and vandals later set the club's offices on fire.
Kornfein told Army Radio on Saturday that he did not know who was responsible for the alleged arson attack, but he expressed confidence that Jerusalem District Police would find them.
The Betar chairman stated that a certain group of fans had been angry at him for years because of his "unwavering war on racism."
He added,"We have to stand by our principles, the current uproar will only make us persevere more."