Boss of Negev's largest crime ring convicted in plea deal

Hagai Zagoury, the man police consider the boss of the Negev's largest crime ring, was convicted of a string of charges in the Beersheba District Court on Thursday, alongside the syndicate's alleged second-in-command, Rami Ezran.
The convictions came after the Southern District Attorney reached a plea bargain with lawyers for eight men charged with belonging to one of southern Israel's largest organized crime syndicates.
Zagoury and Ezran, were convicted of leading a criminal organization, organizing its activities, conspiracy to murder and other offenses.
The Southern District Attorney asked the court to sentence Zagoury and Ezron to 15 years in prison as well as fines totaling NIS 1.25 million each.
Significantly, the amended indictment agreed to under the plea bargain, dropped a murder charge against Zagoury.
The original indictment charged Zagoury with ordering a hit against former football player Eli Uzan. Under the plea bargain, Zagoury agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit murder.
The court will pass sentence on the defendants at a later date.