Bulgaria PM reveals more details about Burgas terrorists

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov on Tuesday revealed new details regarding the activities of the terrorists who perpetrated the suicide bombing in Burgas against a group of Israeli tourists last week, the Bulgarian Sofia News Agency reported.
"They came about a month before that, they changed leased vehicles, they moved in different cities so as not to be seen together, and no two of them can be seen in one place on any security camera," Borisov told Sofia News Agency, adding that the people behind the horrific blast had been "exceptionally skilled.""The services worked perfectly but the manner in which the attack was carried out indicates it could not have been prevented," he emphasized, according to the report.
Bulgaria's Prime Minister indicated that even if the terrorists had not attacked the Israeli tourists at  Burgas Airport, they still could have followed the tourists' bus to their hotel and detonated a bomb there.
"We are very vulnerable. You can enter Bulgaria from any place as a tourist, an expert, or a guest in the mixed-population areas, but our services do not have multi-billon budgets," he declared, said the report.
According to Sofia, Borisov still highlighted that the investigation was moving forward and he contended that Bulgarian services were on par with other nations services which investigated the September 11 attacks and the Madrid train bombings.
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