Carter backs church leaders’ letter threatening Israel aid

WASHINGTON - Former US president Jimmy Carter on Wednesday commended a letter from Christian leaders to Congress calling for an investigation of Israel's human rights record and criticizing US military aid to the country.
"Like these church leaders, The Carter Center has long been concerned about Israel’s disregard for stated US policy," he said in a statement. "This is demonstrated by an unprecedented massive increase in encroachment on occupied Palestinian territory, with illegal settlement expansion during recent years."
“This is precluding the possibility of a two-state solution and endangers a peaceful future for both Israelis and Palestinians," Carter said in the statement.
Jewish groups in mid-October pulled out of an interfaith dialogue after 15 leaders from mainline churches sent the letter to Congress, with no advance notice to their Jewish interlocutors. The letter said that Congress should make US military aid to Israel “contingent upon its government’s compliance with applicable US laws and policies.”