Castro appears outside Havana wearing olive-green shirt

Fidel Castro made an appearance outside of Havana Saturday wearing his trademark olive-green shirt, in what was his first confirmed appearance near the city, and the first return to his traditional garb since a health crisis in 2006 forced him from power.
The gray-bearded, 83-year-old wore an olive-green shirt at a ceremony in Artemisa, 40 miles (64 kilometers) west of Cuba's capital, honoring fallen fighters in his revolution. Though frail, Castro looked a bit like his old self in video released on state television and in photos posted on the government website Cubadebate.
It was the latest in a slew of public appearances in recent weeks, but was of note because it marked Castro's first confirmed trip outside Havana since undergoing intestinal surgery, and because he wore an olive green button-down shirt.
Though devoid of stars and insignia, the shirt was reminiscent of the military uniform that was Castro's trademark for nearly a half century and differed sharply from the tracksuits he had on in government photos and videos released as he recuperated from his undisclosed illness in a secret location. He also occasionally had wore street clothes when visiting with foreign leaders or dignitaries.