Chavez to talk with Jewish leaders in Venezuela

CARACAS, Venezuela  — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Wednesday that he will meet later this month with the country's Jewish leaders, who are expressing concerns about anti-Semitism in some state media.
David Bittan, vice president of the Venezuelan Confederation of Israelite Associations, said the delegation plans to present Chavez with a file of examples from state media. He did not give details, but in previous years his organization has cited anti-Semitism in cartoons in government-friendly newspapers and commentary on pro-Chavez websites.
"We don't think it's a government policy," Bittan said in a telephone interview. "We're sure measures will be taken."
Chavez said the meeting will occur in mid-September. He said that some opponents have wrongly tried to paint him as "anti-Jewish," which he said is false, and that he holds respect for Jews.