Chen urges China to prosecute those who harassed him

NEW YORK- Blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng, who flew to the United States last week, said on Thursday China's handling of the local officials who harassed and abused him and his family will determine whether the country can begin to achieve rule of law.
"If authorities can promptly investigate and prosecute those lawless officials who broke China's laws, then possibly China can rather quickly move onto the road of rule of law," Chen told Reuters in an interview.
Chen said the rough treatment of his family and supporters who helped him escape illegal house arrest in Shandong province last month was "entirely against Chinese law" because he was a free person who had already served a jail sentence.
"What was wrong with me going outside?" he said.
Chen said he remained "generally optimistic" about how his case and that of his family would work out - in part because of the intense attention paid to him by American and Chinese people on the Internet.