China rebel village, government edge towards compromise

WUKAN, China - Chinese villagers who have protested for days over seized land and a suspicious death postponed a march on a government office on Wednesday, while top provincial officials blamed the conflict on pent-up social ills and laid out a compromise offer.
In a sign that the confrontation that has simmered for more than a week in Wukan, in the southern province of Guangdong, may be easing, a village organizer said the march would be put off until at least Thursday, when residents would decide whether the government had offered enough concessions.
"Now, (we) will give them one day to reach a consensus. If not, next day," Lin Zuluan, a village elder, told reporters late on Tuesday, before he held talks with Zhu Mingguo, a senior Guangdong province official.
Although the Wukan rebellion is limited to one village, it has attracted widespread attention as a humbling rebuff to the ruling Communist Party, which values stability above all else.