Coalition chairman suggests haredim won't be in next gov't

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's next government could end up being more colorful and feature less people who wear black, coalition chairman Ze'ev Elkin suggested recently in a panel discussion at Jerusalem's Shalom Hartman Institute.
Elkin spoke at a forum that dealt with the possibility of a coalition without haredim. The event was closed to the press but in a tape of the event that reached Ma'ariv political reporter Ze'ev Kam, Elkin said a coalition without Shas and United Torah Judaism was likely.
"The haredi parties are not going with our bloc,” Elkin said. “For a long time I have been saying that there is no such thing as a right-wing bloc in this election unlike the last election, because the haredi parties are saying they will go with the bloc that will help them settle the problem of exemptions from the IDF.”