Colombia: Yair Klein ruling an 'embarrassment'

Colombian Vice President Francisco Santos Calderon lashed out Sunday at a European Court of Human Rights ruling forbidding Russia from extraditing Yair Klein, a former lieutenant-colonel in the IDF wanted in the South American country on charges of assisting drug traffickers and right-wing militias.
Calderon dubbed the ruling an "embarrassment and belittlement," adding that "the court's decision is a black page in history for human rights, as it prefers to give immunity to the crimes of Klein and his militia followers, and deprives their victims of truth and justice."
"Even more so," Santos went on, “the decision is an embarrassment to humanity, to the victims and to human rights."
Santos dismissed Klein's argument before the European court that the Colombian authorities were likely to torture him if returned to their country, and stated that "it is an embarrassment that Klein suggests this, as if he and those he trained honored the rights of their hundreds of victims - among them presidential nominees, lawyers, legal authorities and journalists."
Klein has been detained in Russia since August 2007, when he was arrested at the airport in Moscow after trying to get out of the country on a forged passport.
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