Complaint filed against officer in Beit El clashes

A complaint was filed on Wednesday against a police officer accused of dragging a youth by his sidecurl during Tuesday clashes between police officers and settlers at the Beit El settlement in the West Bank.
In one of the most violent incidents since the start of the moratorium on new Jewish construction in the West Bank, eight police officers and 38 settlers were lightly hurt in the clashes.
Police forces had gone into Beit El along with members of the civil administration to destroy two shacks that had been been built in violation of the 10-month moratorium on new construction. Students in the nearby high school raced out of class to prevent the demolition. Four settlers were arrested for assaulting and disrupting the officers.
The youth's attorney said that the officer's actions constituted an act of "religious insult" and that further complaint's against the police forces will be filed in the coming days.