Confusion reigns the day as Maccabiah softball games canceled by police

Police unexpectedly showed up at the Baptist Village sport complex near Petah Tikvah and canceled the softball game between Israel and Mexico, as well as all further games in the competition, saying that the Maccabiah did not have in its possession the necessary business license to conduct the event. Ami Baran, executive director of the Israeli Softball Association, told The Jerusalem Post that "the Baptist village had been taking care of all the paperwork to get the event on smoothly." The two previous Maccabiah softball games, as well as the Israel Baseball League games in 2007, took place at the site, and never had a business license. Prior to two months ago, there were no indications such a license was necessary. "We thought we would get some sort of temporary permit in the interim," Baran said. Following the unexpected cancellation, some 400 softball players were waiting in tense apprehension for any developments.