'Consider charging Shlomo Benizri's brother with contempt of court'

A Justice Ministry official asked Attorney-General Moshe Mazuz Wednesday to consider whether the brother of convicted former minister Shlomo Benizri was in contempt of the court in light of statements he had made. David Benizri told a haredi radio station on Tuesday that the judge in his brother's trial, Justice Edmond Levi, was "evil and uncouth." Benizri hinted that his brother's tough sentence could be related to his ethnicity, and explained that the fact that Levi is also Mizrahi and also religious was deliberate - a part of the attempt to blind the public from the injustice caused to his brother. In light of this, Courts Administration director-general Moshe Gal sent a letter to Mazuz in which he wrote that Benizri's statements were contemptuous and his style "coarse and brutal." The "attempt to delegitimize the justice system and its judges and to attribute ulterior motives to a judge and slander him due to a ruling he gave, should be viewed with severity," Gal wrote.