Court indicts three over 'hit and run' incident in Haifa

The Haifa District Attorney filed an indictment in the Haifa District Court on Monday, charging two men in connection with a hit-and-run accident in the northern city last month, in which two pedestrians were seriously injured.
Moran Maron, aged 23 and 21-year-old Anton Asfur were charged with abandoning an injured person and disrupting the investigation.
A separate indictment was filed in the Haifa Magistrate's Court against a third man, Roget Gallianos.
According to the indictment, the accident occurred in Haifa's Bat Galim neighborhood on April 21, when the car Maron was driving swerved onto the sidewalk and hit a 83-year-old woman in a wheelchair and another 62-year-old pedestrian.
Allegedly, Maron was at the wheel even though he had previously been disqualified and did not have an insurance policy for his car. Gallianos and Asfur were passengers in the car.
After the accident, the three defendants allegedly drove off without stopping to assist or call an ambulance.