Cyprus: US embassy denies holding Russian spy suspect

NICOSIA, Cyprus — A spokesman for the US embassy in Cyprus flatly denied media reports Friday that the US was holding a fugitive spy suspect at its embassy on the Mediterranean island, but did admit the US was helping search for him.
Christopher Metsos, the alleged paymaster for a Russian spy ring, vanished Wednesday after skipping bail in Cyprus, prompting a widespread manhunt by embarrassed Cypriot authorities.
Metsos, 54, is wanted in the United States on charges that he supplied money to the spy ring that operated under deep cover in America's suburbs.
Ten suspects are in custody in the US, where federal prosecutors said Thursday one man had confessed that he worked for Russia's intelligence service. One suspect has been denied bail and bail applications for the other nine are pending in federal courts. Most of the suspects are charged with crimes that carry penalties of up to 25 years.