Democrats Abroad Israel to hold panel discussion on Obama in Tel Aviv

Democrats Abroad Israel

Democrats Abroad Israel will hold a special panel discussion on US President Barack Obama's administration and its relationship with Israel on Monday evening. The discussion, entitled "Obama and Israel, The Future of US-Israel Relations," will be hosted at the Beit Daniel Center for Progressive Judaism in Tel Aviv and will feature a panel of experts including former Haaretz senior political commentator and Washington, DC, Correspondent Akiva Eldar, as well as the heads of Democrats Abroad Israel. The panel will take questions from the crowd during a question and answer session. Organizers will request an NIS 20 donation (NIS 15 for students) for all attendees to the event, which is open to all US citizens in Israel, as well as non-citizens accompanied by an American. The two-hour event will begin at 7:30 p.m.