Diaspora Affairs Minister slams Livni for J street support

Diaspora Affairs Minister Yuli Edelstein sent a strongly worded letter to opposition leader Tzipi Livni on Monday protesting the letter of support that she sent the leftist American Jewish lobby J Street. Livni had wished the organization well in honor of its annual conference and expressed regret that she could not attend.
Edeslstein said that J Street was engaged in blatant anti-Israel activity, including lobbying Congressmen to support anti-Israel legislation, harming efforts of Israeli diplomats to reach out to college students, and asking the American administration not to veto a UN resolution condemning Israel. He said Livni made a mistake by allowing four Kadima MKs to speak at the conference.
"Taking an active part in a conference whose entire goal is to question Israel's legitimacy and stability crosses a red line that had not been crossed before by a Zionist party," Edelstein wrote Livni. "Your support for your MKs participating in the conference is an endorsement by Kadima of efforts to encourage boycotts of Israel."