Diskin: Fatah is on its 'last legs'

A newly released Wikileaks cable revealed Shin Bet Head Yuval Diskin's 2007 assessments of the situation in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.
He painted a picture of "a desperate, disorganized, and demoralized Fatah in the Gaza Strip, versus a well-organized and ascendant Hamas."
Diskin said the situation in the West Bank was "comparatively better," and said the level of cooperation the Shin Bet receives from the Palestinian security services operating in the West Bank improved.
However he expressed concerns over what he characterized as "a crisis of leadership in Fatah, with PA President Abbas already focusing on his retirement, and his possible successors incapable of leading the Palestinians in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip."
"Diskin said that Fatah is on its 'last legs,' and that the situation bodes ill for Israel," the report read.