Drone hits suspected al-Qaida target in north Yemen

SANAA - At least four men suspected of being al Qaeda members were killed in what a local official said was a U.S. drone strike on Islamist militants in northern Yemen on Sunday.
It was a rare attack on al-Qaida-linked targets in northern Yemen, an area dominated by Shi'ite Muslim Houthi rebels battling Yemeni government forces for control of the rugged mountainous region.
The official said that a drone attacked two houses in the Abu Jabara area in Saada Province, killing four people.
Some reports suggested that Hadi al-Tais, a local al-Qaida commander, had been targeted in the attack, but there was no confirmation that he was among the dead.
The Yemeni Defense Ministry's website confirmed that three suspected militants, including two Saudi nationals, had been killed in an air strike, but did not elaborate.