Dror Moreh: I'm not representing Netanyahu at the Oscars

When questioned over his repeated criticism of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, The Gatekeepers director Dror Moreh on Friday made it clear that he is not "representing Netanyahu at the Oscars."
The film, nominated under the category of Best Documentary, consists of extensive and rare interviews with the six surviving former heads of the Shin Bet (the General Security Services) in Israel: Ami Ayalon, Avi Dichter, Yuval Diskin, Carmi Gillon, Ya’acov Peri and Avraham Shalom.
Reacting to comments by Netanyhau that he has no intention of watching the film, Moreh told Channel 2 that if the prime minister doesn't want to watch a documentary that deals the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through the eyes of six people who he worked with, "it says more about him than about the film."
He said that the documentary is not left-wing, but practical and realistic.