E. J'lem resident indicted for stone throwing released

An east Jerusalem resident indicted for throwing stones at Elad head David Be'eri was released from detention with a restraining order from his home neighborhood of Silwan until his upcoming trial, the Jerusalem District Court decided on Tuesday.
Twenty-one-year-old Mahmoud Sharif, who was identified as the man who threw stones at David Be'eri's car after he hit two children in the Silwan neighborhood of east Jerusalem, will be released to his uncle's house until his trial. He has been in detention for more than two months, and his council argued that he had no prior criminal record and was missing his English studies.
The judge ruled that Sharif could be released to an area outside of Silwan until the trial. The ruling came over the objections of the prosecutors, who said that Sharif had been difficult to locate and arrest in October, more than a week after the October 8 incident. The trial is expected to begin on January 11.