Egypt detains four for posters critical of military

CAIRO - Egyptian police detained four activists on Tuesday for putting up posters critical of the ruling military council, a step a human rights lawyer said was part of an effort to neutralize the protest movement.
The military council, in power since the February ousting of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, has drawn growing criticism for its management of the transition in the Arab world's most populous nation.
On Tuesday, Egyptians were voting in the third phase of a parliamentary election that began in November.
The four activists were members of the April 6 youth movement that helped mobilize the anti-Mubarak uprising. They were detained while hanging up posters comparing heroic images of soldiers after the 1973 war with Israel with pictures of troops beating women in Cairo during protests last month, according to Amr Ezz, an April 6 organizer.
A source at the public prosecutor's office said the four were being questioned for putting up pictures defaming the military, but added that an order formally putting them under arrest had not been issued.