Egypt Islamist: Freedom for women in workplace, in dress

Egyptian presidential candidate Mohamed Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood vowed on Tuesday should he be elected to respect a woman's right to "work in all areas, and to choose the way they dress," AFP reported.
There will be "no imposition on the women to wear the veil" should he win, Mursi told a press conference.
If Mursi, who garnered the most votes in the first round of voting in Egypt's first undecided presidential election last week, succeeds in the run-off election in mid-June, then Islamists will both hold a majority in parliament and dominate the executive branch.
This fact has put many in the country that are wary of Egyptian Islamists' sudden rise to power on edge, as Mursi heads to face-off against Ahmed Shafiq, ousted president Hosni Mubarak's last prime minister, in next month's run-off election.
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