Egypt nabs Israeli journalist trying to sneak into Israel

An Israeli journalist was arrested by Egyptian troops on Monday while trying to sneak across the border into Israel with a Ghanaian migrant.
A doctor in the Egyptian city of Rafah said Ha'aretz reporter Yotam Feldman, 30, lightly hurt his hand while trying to cross a barbed wire fence and was treated before being transferred back to security officials.
Feldman was carrying no identification papers or money, an Egyptian security official said.
Channel 10 said on Monday that Feldman went to Egypt in order to investigate the phenomenon of migrants sneaking across the Israeli border and the smugglers who take them for the investigative news program Hamakor.
Channel 10 added that they were in touch with Israeli and Egyptian army and diplomatic officials in order to bring Feldman home safely as quick as possible. Also Monday, IDF officials said they were working to secure Feldman’s release.