Egypt: Opposition leader claims gov't campaign 'sheer lies'

CAIRO — Egypt's most prominent democracy advocate accused President Hosni Mubarak's government Saturday of posting Facebook photos of his daughter in swimsuits and at events where alcohol was served in an attempt to discredit him.
Mohammed ElBaradei, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and former UN nuclear chief, was quoted in the independent Al-Dustour newspaper as saying the government is "waging a campaign of sheer lies" by using the photos to portray him and his family as nonbelievers — a politically damaging accusation in an increasingly conservative Muslim country.
The Facebook photos were an unusual personal attack on him and his family.
The more than 30 photos were posted under the title: "Secrets of the ElBaradei family." Some show his daughter in swimsuits at the beach and sitting at events in front of what appeared to be bottles of alcohol. Drinking is forbidden in Islam and conservative Muslims would generally consider a woman appearing publicly in a bathing suit to be immodest.