Egyptian paper: Mossad hired Beduin to kill Sinai jihadist

The Mossad allegedly recruited and aided four Sinai-based Beduins  in the killing of Ibrahim Bereikat, a member of the Jamaat Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis jihadist group who is believed to have been involved in last August's terror attack near Eilat in which eight Israelis were killed, Egypt's Al Ahram newspaper reported Sunday, citing Egyptian security sources.
According to the report, four Mossad officers hired four Beduin tribesmen in Sinai, and drove together to the area in which Ibrahim lived to plant the explosives that later killed him.
Al Ahram reported that Manazil Bereikat, one of the tribesmen allegedly hired by the Mossad, was beheaded over the weekend.
Egyptian security sources believe Manazil Bereikat's murder could be connected to his role in the targeted killing of Ibrahim Bereikat.