Environmental organization slams waste-water plan

The Friends of the Earth Middle East environmental organization slammed the Water Authority's request to the Environmental Protection Ministry requesting permission to dump 500,000 cubic meters of treated waste water into rivers and the sea.
In an official statement, the organization said that "the low level of purification of most waste water is an ongoing standard, and now our rivers will suffer from this flow of water. Releasing half a million cubic meters of treated waste water such is likely to seriously harm the flora and fauna in our streams that are passing a long and hard rehabilitation process. This additionally has the potential to threaten groundwater as well."
The organization said that had sufficient treatment been employed on the waste water, typically used for agriculture once treated, then the water could have been let off in smaller amounts into the country's rivers and streams. However, due to the heavy rainfall in the last few months, water reservoirs have reached there limits, prompting the Water Authority's request to dump the treated water.
Yuval Arbel, the organization's vice president, offered a solution, saying that the authority could let out "flood waters from our reservoirs into the rivers, because they are of higher quality and it will not damage our streams."