EU: Only small part of Modi'in placed on settlement list

The European Union issued a statement Wednesday clarifying that it did not place the entire Mod'in-Maccabim-Re'ut municipality on a list it compiled of settlements, but rather only three zip code areas in the community that juts beyond the Green Line.
The EU was responding to a Foreign Ministry statement from a day earlier saying that "for anyone who deals in reality, there is not the slightest doubt that the Modi'in, Maccabim and Re'ut localities are an integral part of Israel, and their future is not in question. The EU ignores reality when it extends the domain of conflict to places and issues that do not belong there."
The dueling statements followed the EU's publication of zip codes and a list of settlements from which products manufactured would not be allowed duty free entrance into Europe.
Since 2004, Israeli exporters to EU countries have had to list zip codes and place names from where good were manufactured. Under the EU-Israel free trade agreement, Israeli products are allowed into the EU duty free, but not products made in the settlements. EU products coming into Israel also enjoy a duty-free status.